Payment methods

The payment service between vendors and consumers is offered by Svea Payments Oy (Company registration number 2121703-0) in co-operation with banks and credit institutions. You as a consumer are not required to register or pay extra costs for using the payment service. Svea Payments Oy is an authorized payment institution supervised by the Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA). All data transfer and money transactions are SSL secured meaning that no external party can see your personal information. Svea Payments Oy will show as the recipient of the payment.

The vendor will be informed instantly after a successful payment, and you will receive a confirmation email from Svea Payments. This email includes a link to the Buyer’s Assistant webpage, where you can manage your order; return products, make a reclamation or give feedback 24/7.

Your payment will not be transferred to the vendor before you have received and had a chance to inspect the order and the 14-day verification period has expired.

The buyer selects the payment method by clicking on the payment method logo in the shopping cart. Once the buyer has selected the desired payment method, he / she will go directly to the respective online bank, card payment service or the payment page of the Invoice or Payment Service.

You can see your invoice and open payments in Svea's service here

If you have any questions about your own pages, you can contact by e-mail or 09-4242 3092 on weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm

Payment methods:


Online banking online payment buttons

You have at your disposal the online payment buttons of all Finnish banks. When you have the usernames provided by your own bank and you are paying for your online purchases, you will go to our own bank for a moment from the pages of our online store and pay for the selected products directly from your own account. The payee is Svea Payments Oy, which takes care of the payment transmission of our online store.

Card payments and MobilePay (Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard and Business Eurocard)

Paying with a  card in our online store is effortless and secure. Card payment and Danske Bank's MobilePay payment in our online store are offered by Svea Payments Oy in cooperation with Payment Highway Oy and Bambora AB. During a payment transaction, credit card information is always processed over a secure network connection. Card numbers are not stored in the information systems of the online store or Svea Payments Oy, but are processed by the technical service provider Payment Highway Oy.

Flexibility in payment time With Invoice and Batch Payment

Svea Payments Oy Invoice and Installment Payment give you more time to pay for your online store purchases. Using them, you can wait for your order to arrive before paying for it. You can pay for your purchase at once with an invoice, or choose a one-time credit where you choose the payment period and monthly installments that work best for you.

Svea Invoice payment period
With Smart Invoice, you get 14 days interest-free payment period for your e-commerce purchases, so you can review your purchase and, if necessary, return it before payment. The payment method is intended for purchases totaling EUR 20-2000.

To pay with Smart Invoice, you need a positive credit decision, which is easy to apply for at the time of purchase. You can apply for it if you are at least 20 years old and have a Finnish personal identity number and a permanent, official home address in Finland. Your credit information will also be reviewed.

Once you have received a positive credit decision and confirmed the purchase, you will receive an invoice for your purchase to your email or home address. If you want to pay the invoice with a payment period that suits you better, you can make a batch payment agreement at After that, with the invoice you receive, you will only pay the first monthly installment under the installment payment agreement. You will receive more information about the installment payment with your invoice.

Svea installment payment smoothing the economy
An installment payment is a convenient way to spread the impact of a purchase on your economy over several months. In this case, when you make a purchase, you choose the monthly amount that suits you best from the options provided and enter into a batch payment agreement. The installment payment is intended for purchases totaling EUR 30-2000.

An installment payment is a one-time loan, which means that you get more payment time for one purchase, but you do not commit to a permanent credit relationship. The credit is managed within the agreed time by paying at least the agreed amount on a monthly basis. Please read the credit terms carefully before accepting the agreement.

For the installment payment, you need a positive credit decision, which is applied for in connection with the purchase transaction. You can apply for it if you are at least 20 years old and have a Finnish personal identity number and a permanent, official home address in Finland. Your credit information will also be reviewed.

Once you have confirmed your purchase, you will receive a monthly invoice to your email or home address until the credit is paid. At you can view your payment plan and, if necessary, postpone the due dates of your payments. The monthly loan fee for each installment is € 3 and the interest rate is 15%. The actual annual interest rate calculated on a typical loan period of € 1,000 for a 12-month payment period, taking into account the loan interest rate and monthly payments, is 24.35%. The total credit amount of the sample purchase with a payment period of 12 months is therefore € 1111.72.

We will add a five (5) euro billing and processing surcharge to each invoice.

Customer service in matters related to invoice and installment payment
The invoice and one-time credit are issued by Collector Payments. Customer service will help you with all matters related to the invoice, one-time credit and payment for the purchase.

Online service:

Telephone service: 02 2700 550 on weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm (normal local or long distance call charge).

Processing of returns and cancellations
When you return your purchase according to the instructions, information about your return will be transmitted automatically and you will not need to do anything. If you return part of your purchase, you can deduct the amount of the refund in euros from the total amount of the invoice you received. In the case of an installment payment, the amount of your refund will be automatically deducted from the last installments of your installment payment plan. This way you can get your credit handled faster than agreed.

If you have already paid the invoice, but return the product, please send your personal and account contact information by e-mail to, under the heading Collector Payments Finland Oy / performance return.

Personal information and credit decision
You will be asked for your personal information in order to make the credit decision required for the Invoice and Installment Payment. The data is transmitted over a secure SLL / TLS secure connection. Lender Svea Payments verifies the correctness of your personal and address information from the demographic information system and checks the credit register for any defaults. Your credit decision will also be affected by your potential history as a customer. If you receive a negative credit decision, you can ask Collector Payments customer service more about its reasons. 


When using the payment method, your identity can be verified with your bank IDs using the tupas certificate service. In the certificate service, you can use Osuuspankki, Nordea, DanskeBank, Handelsbanken, Aktia, Säästöpankki, POP Pankki, Oma Säästöpankki, S-pankki and the Bank of Åland. Transactions are also possible using a mobile certificate.

Privacy Policy

Collector Bank processes and stores your personal information for processing the credit application for the payment method, making the credit decision, managing the customer relationship and customer service. The data controller is Collector Payments Finland Oy. Your personal information is required to process the application. Failure to provide the requested information will prevent the application from being processed.

To ensure fair, smooth and reliable processing of your credit application, your credit decision is based on the automatic processing and evaluation of your personal information. You have the right to challenge an automatically made credit decision and request a manual review of your application.

For more information on checking your personal information and other rights, processing personal information and automatic decision-making, visit

Credit terms

The issuer of the invoice and one-off credit and the registrar of the personal data processed is Collector Payments Finland Oy, PO Box 79, FI-00101 Helsinki. Following a positive credit decision, the invoice or one-off credit will be transferred to Collector Payments AB, which is responsible for Maksuturva's consumer credit and financing in the Nordic countries. For more information, including answers to frequently asked questions, visit

You can read the general credit terms of the invoice and installment payment and save them for yourself from the link below:
general credit terms
See also: standard European consumer credit data

Contact information for the payment intermediary:
Svea Payments Oy
Business ID: 2121703-0
Mechelininkatu 1A
Phone: (09) 4241 7040

Order and payment confirmation

After a successful order, an order confirmation will be sent to your email. In addition, you will receive a payment confirmation message that will allow you to track delivery. To send confirmation messages, you must provide an email address when ordering.