Returns, claims and warranty


You have the right under the Finnish Consumer Protection Act to cancel an order or part of it within 14 days of receiving the shipment. The customer must always notify the customer service of the return / cancellation in advance seperately.

Simply returning the goods or not collecting the shipment is not enough to cancel. Returns must be made within 14 days of the notice of cancellation.

For product replacement, please contact the online store's customer service primarily, tel. 040-716 7228 or, or place an order for a new product in our online store and cancel your previous order. This way we can guarantee fast and smooth processing and delivery. The delivery of customer returns usually takes us 2-7 business days, so the normal processing time for returns is 1-2 weeks.

The customer will be refunded

The price of the product will be refunded in full if the product is still in full marketable condition. If possible, the product should be in its original packaging. The returned product should be free of traces and should not contain traces of use such as hair, animal hair, odors, etc. so be careful when testing the product.

The seller has the right to deduct the amount corresponding to the depreciation of the used product. Below are more detailed instructions on return procedures. If the return notification is not made according to the instructions, the online store will not refund the return costs incurred when returning the ordered product. For non-canceled and non-picked orders, we do not refund the original delivery and return costs incurred for sending the order. (Delivery and return costs depend on the delivery method chosen by the customer, however, at least € 15.80.)

In the case of sealed products, the right of exchange and return applies only to unopened packaging.

The product to be returned can be left free of charge at Matkahuolto's or Posti's offices or at Posti parcel machine from which the delivery was originally picked up. The product can also be returned to our store free of charge.

Returns for home-sent, special shipments and products ordered by freight are always subject to a charge, please contact customer service for further instructions. Return costs from € 15.90.

Return instructions:

Returns and complaints are made in the Buyer's Assistant service provided by Svea Payments Oy, to which you will receive a link in the payment confirmation message.

1. Make a notice of return in advance

  • After placing the order, you received a confirmation of the payment by e-mail from Svea Payments Oy, which is competent as our payment intermediary. "This message contains a link to Buyer's Assistant where you can make changes to your order."
  • On the front page of the Buyer's Assistant, you will see a “Return Products” button. Click the button to select the products to be returned. Be sure to confirm the return notice. You can also see how long the return time is left on the front page.
  • Pack the product and all its parts carefully. Preferably use the packaging in which the product was sent to you. Send the products to the return address. Please note that by law, you have 14 days to put the products in the mail. Svea Payments Oy will refund you immediately after we have received and verified your refund.

2. Take the package to the post office / travel service / store

Take the return as a customer return to the Post or Matkahuolto office where you picked up the package. Mention the contract code below the shipment, if necessary (Postal: 617140 / MH: 9531963), with this code the costs for delivery is directed to the recipient. You can also return the goods to the parcel post where the delivery was originally picked up using the same box code as when you picked up the order. Keep the receipt received for the return.

The shipment must be made within 14 days of making the return notification. The package can also be returned free of charge by taking it to the store with the order confirmation. Once Tarvikekeskus Oy's Online Store has received and processed the return, it will be acknowledged as canceled, after which Svea Payments Oy will refund the return amount via the payment method used by the customer. Packaging is the responsibility of the sender. Tarvikekeskus Oy's Online Store is not responsible for damage to carelessly packaged returns. The cost of such an error will be charged to the customer.

Freight, return of LQ and dangerous products

Products delivered in this way cannot be returned normally by taking them to Posti or Matkahuolto's offices! Contact our customer service for more detailed instructions.

Claims and complaints

If the product has a complaint, please contact the online store's customer service, where you will receive the necessary instructions.


  1. The warranty covers defects in material and manufacturing in the product during the warranty period.
  2. During the warranty period, the seller commits to repair, replace or refund products in which the inspection reveals defects in material and manufacturing that significantly impair the product's usability. Replacing a product or part with a new one during the warranty period does not extend the original warranty period. On the basis of the warranty, the repair of a defect found during the warranty period will be carried out free of charge during normal working hours at the Tarvikekeskus service workshop or an authorized service center.
  3. The warranty does not cover defects caused by:
    • normal wear and tear
    • as a result of neglect of maintenance
    • incorrect installation
    • incorrect and negligent use
    • use contrary to the manufacturer's recommendations
    • water damage
    • improper storage
    • other external factors adversely affecting the product
    • competitive use
    • the warranty does not cover the indirect costs of repairs, etc. caused by the damaged part
  1. The seller of the product fills in the warranty claim form for the product, which requires the following information from the customer:
    • date of onset of damage
    • a brief description of the defect and the occurrence situation
    • photograph of damage
    • warranty certificate or purchase receipt
    • the person from whom further information can be obtained if necessary